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5 Websites Where You Can Make a Nice Logo for Free

Would you like to have a nice logo for your webshop, but you have no knowledge of complicated programs like Photoshop or money for a professional designer? Then use one of the countless logo maker websites that can be found on the internet! In this article, you will find 5 good and free websites for logo design!

The first logo maker on this list is DesignEvo. It has 3000 plus well-designed logo templates, which provides an easy and quick way to create free logos. To make your logo more unique, you have quite a few other icons and images to your decisions. In addition, it is also possible to add shapes and text. The best of all, it’s totally free to use and no registration is required.
Mac OS:Users:gwh:Desktop:templates.png

In Ucraft Logo Maker, you can simply search for an icon that is relevant to your webshop and then enters your brand name in a text field. You can then adjust everything such as the font, the color of your icon, text color and you can also change the format to get a perfect look you want.
Mac OS:Users:gwh:Desktop:ucraft.jpg

This logo maker is similar to Ucraft. First, you enter your brand name, then you look for an appropriate icon. You can choose from more than a million images, so there is always something in between for your webshop! Also on this website, you can make all kinds of adjustments to the text, colors, and formats.
Mac OS:Users:gwh:Desktop:logomakr.jpg

Still can’t put together a nice logo for your webshop on the previous 3 websites? No worries, we still have 2 for you, including LogoMaker. There are several language versions of this website available so it might be easier to make a logo for people from different countries. There are also some icons from which you can choose to use.

Mac OS:Users:gwh:Desktop:logomaker.jpg

5. Online Logo Maker

This website is characterized by the beautiful symbols that you have at your disposal. You can filter all symbols by clicking on a certain category. Just like in this example, you have a webshop for sports themes, and you logically click on the category “Sports and Adventure”. After this, you choose the symbol that best suits your branch of sport. It’s very easy!
Mac OS:Users:gwh:Desktop:onlinelogomaker.jpg

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