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Download Free VC Mobile Antivirus v1.1 for Java Phones English Version: First Ever Working for Java!

Download Free VC Mobile Antivirus v1.1 for Java Phones English translated & modded version. Its the first ever working Antivirus for Java (J2ME) platform. Install it in any java supported mobile phone and keep away the harmful autorun worms & trojans. Just download it from direct links given below for Jar, Jad, Zip and signed versions. Also read some interesting facts below!
Download Free VC Mobile Antivirus v1.1 for Java Phones English
If you looking for answer of "how to scan & remove virus from Java phone or memory card", here it is. Basically the Java phones doesn't get affected by any viruses but they can become a carrier of threats. It means if there's a self propagating autorun virus like Autorun.inf in your phone's memory card, it may be harmful to any PC when you connect your memory card. These type of virus files usually stay into the root folder of MMC. In this case you need to Download Free VC Mobile Antivirus v1.1 for Java Phones and it can scan & detect and remove these viruses and also secure & prevent further infection of virus in your phone. Hence it can also be considered as world's 1st working antivirus made for Java devices.
The VC Mobile Antivirus app is originally developed by a Russian developer named VC Lab. The older Russian app was supposed to remove few traces of autorun viruses from the root of Memory Card. And the new VC Mobile Antivirus v1.1 is translated & modded by Ananthavas from UC forum with signatures of over 40 autorun worms & trojans, (which comes under the category, Trojan/worm.Win32.Autorun). All credit goes to him for awesome work. File available in Jar, Jad, Zip and Darkman signed version.

New Features in VC Mobile Antivirus v1.1:
~Scans Root of MMC
~Scans Root of C:/ (only on s40v5 & lower phones)
~Support offline or online update of Virus DB.
~One click protection against Autorun.INF.
~Includes over 40 signature of Redbrowser.A , Commwarrior etc.

Download Link VC Mobile Antivirus v1.1 for Java:

VC_Mobile_AV v1.1.jar (Unsigned Jar Format, 65.8 KB)
VC_Mobile_AV_v11.zip (Unsigned Zip Format, 61.5 KB)
VC_Mobile_AV_v1.1_Signed.zip (Signed Version (Jar and Jad), 62.8 KB)

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