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Tutorial: Super Easy UC.bin Offline Translator For Mobile

Translating UC Browser always a hard job with lots of strings and values to first get English words form Google Translator and then change all them one by one... Ah, I'm tired! But now some excellent efforts made this super easy to translate UC.bin in no time and using your mobile even without internet!

Download UC.BIN Offline Translator Tool for MobilesThis is new entry in our Tutorial and How To Section. Here a new very useful tool for all UC Translators, experts or newbies. This new UC.bin offline translator tool will reduce almost 95% of your work, time and money with far better results than other popular translating methods. You can use this to translate UC Browser in English, Russian , Hindi, Bengali, Indonesian, or any other language. This great tool is created by Sdrrhmn6 and all credit goes to him. Here some details about it.

As a UC translators you must remembered that all new UC Browser versions stores their values/strings in a file called uc.bin which contains more then 600 text strings for all menu items in UC Browser and its different from other Mobile Internet Browsers. Generally to translate UC browser you need to translate all these strings one by one and place them back to uc.bin file using your computer system. To translate these strings translators use google translate, and it takes much time to translate all strings and than correct all mistakes done by Google.
As you know that UC frequently releasing new versions and when UC Browser new version releases, almost all strings in uc.bin remain same. Now translators again go though the boring long methods. To overcome this silly thing, this new UC.bin offline translating tool come in action. You can use this in your mobile phone. This tool will find out the unchanged strings and translate them from its own English library without need to connect to internet and using PC.

How to Use UC.bin offline translator tool:
~ Download "UC.BIN Offline Translator Tool.zip" from This Link. This zip archive contains 3 files: a.bas file (UC.BIN offline translator by Sdrrhmn6.bas), two .txt file (uc_cn.txt and uc_tr.txt).
~ Extract txt files in memory card root (e:/) and extract bas file to "e:/bas/" (create a folder named "bas" in memory card root if needed).
~ Extract uc.bin file from any UC Browser jar file to "e:/uc/". (create a folder named "uc" in memory card root if needed). You can use any of following File Managers: Explorer 3.7.7 English File ManagerMini Commander 4.2 File ManagerCenturion File Manager 7.5Royal File Explorer 3.2BlueFTP Bluetooth File Transfer v 1.70 etc to get files from zip or jar archives, copy-paste or creating folders etc.
~ Download and install Cellular Basic Pro v3.0.zip Here (read installation details inside archive).
~ Close all minimized apps if there are any running apps on mobile. Now run "UC.BIN offline translator by Sdrrhmn6.bas" with CellularBasicPro.
~ It'll replace translated text on Chinese file.
~ Now your translation is 99% complete. There may be 4 or 5 strings in Chinese language. Open uc.bin (from e:/uc/) with Super Translator, find chinese strings and translate them. You can download Super Translator Here.
5. Repack the translated uc.bin file from e:/uc/ back in UC Browser jar file and install it to enjoy English or desired language.
This method is tested with UC 7.8 to 8.3 all version and will work on other old and future versions.

How to Generate the uc_cn.txt and uc_tr.txt Files: You can make translation files for any language with a few simple steps if you generate these files:
~ Download "UC.BIN text extractns.bas" from here. Move it to "e:/bas/".
~ Download any version of uc browser of your language. You can download from Here.
~ Download UC Browser chinese same version from wap.uc.cn.
~ Extract uc.bin file of your language from first jar file to "e:/uc/". Rename it to "uc_tr.bin".
~ Extract uc.bin file of chinese language from second jar file to "e:/uc/". Rename it to "uc_cn.bin".
~ Run "UC.BIN text extractns.bas" with CellularBasicPro. uc_cn.txt and uc_tr.txt files will be saved to "e:/".
You can download uc_tr.txt for Hindi and Banlga here.

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