IBIBO iBrowser v2.5 / 2.6 Released For Java, Symbian & Android

Ibibo iBrowser is an Indian Mobile Browser by Indian social networking site ibibo has released a new version iBrowser 2.5 for Java Phones after releasing iBrowser v2.6 for Symbian S60v5 and ^3 and Android phone. It offer thousands of popular Indian sites already pre-embedded, the browser is simple to navigate and use.

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IBIBO iBrowser Android
Ibibo iBrowser v2.5.0.2 (build 1003), also knows as ibibo iBrowser Mini now released for Java J2ME supported phones.
Ibibo iBrowser v2.6.0.4 (build 2001) already released for Symbian S60v5 and S^3 phones first time, though its already available S60v3 supported phones. Though its still not available for Symbian S60v2 phones but they can use the Java version. Ibibo iBrowser new v  (build 3001) also updated for Android smartphones with support of playing YouTube videos, Optimize Night mode feature and add “Daily Hot Words” on homepage.

iBrowser allow faster access to local hot sites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc. Mobile surfing is cheaper on iBrowser which is enabled through the advanced compression technology that can reduce data costs by up to 85%.
The Ibibo iBrowser has all needed option to make your browsing experience easy but still need lots of improvement. The java version is better for low memory phones. Its has a nice looking start-page with very useful categorized popular and India-centric site links. Similarly like QQ browser from China, its also has same UI as very famous UC Browser.

IBIBO iBrowser Symbian
iBrowser Features:
Surf your favourite sites: Thousands of popular Indian websites already pre-embedded.
Mobile surfing cheaper: Advanced compression technology can reduce data costs by up to 85%.
Stable Network: Unique Free-link technology makes wireless network much more stable.
Powerful Search: Embedded various popular search engines to meet your searching needs.
Multi-tabs: Allowing you switch between pages easily and giving you better browsing experience.
Site Navigation: Dozens of categorized popular web sites are showed in the navigation bar, all you need to do is just ONE click!
Download Manager: Super download manager supports multi-threaded downloads.
Pre-load: Pre-load technology makes further improvement on your browsing speed, no more waiting.
Privacy: Manage your account making login easy and supports cookies.
Bookmark and History: Instant access to your favourite web sites with bookmarks or browsing history.
URL auto-completion: Effortlessly enter addresses thanks to our sophisticated URL auto-completion. Enter only a few letters then select your address.
Night Mode: Unique Night Surfing Mode protects your eyes in the dark.

IBIBO iBrowser 2.6
Platforms supported by current version of the iBrowser:
~ Java
~ SymbianS60v3
~ SymbianS60v5, S^3
~ Android
~ In the pipeline
• iPhone
• Java – Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada
• SymbianS60v3 – Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada
• Android – Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada

Language Supported:
~ The current version of the iBrowser supports English.
~ Regional Indian languages are in the pipeline - Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada.
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Download Links IBIBO iBrowser 2.5 / 2.6 For Java, Symbian & Android Phones:
ibrowser2.5.0.2_java_mini_ibibo_1003.jar (Jar format For Java, 320 KB)
ibrowser2.5.0.2_java_mini_ibibo_1003.zip (Zip format for Java, 314 KB)
ibrowser_2.6.0.4_s60v5_ibibo_2001.sisx (For Symbian S60v5, S^3, 1.8 MB)
ibrowser2.6.0.16_android_ibibo_3001.apk (For Android, 2.3 MB)
ibrowser_2.4.0.15_s60v3_ibibo_2001.sisx (Symbian S60v3, 1.25 KB)
ibiboiBrowser v2.5.0.2 HUI202.jar (Handler UI for Java, 335 KB)


  1. jar files of ibibo browser nt working . dl not possible

    1. Plz details, what problem? If downloaded, check the file size is around 312 KB. Otherwise re download it.


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