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Update: Download UC Browser 8.3 Final Unofficial English Version for Java, Symbian & Android

Here the latest UC Browser 8.3 final unofficially translated in English now available for all Java, Symbian and Android. The new UC Browser was released officially in Chinese and here you can download the English translated with English server versions for Symbian and Android and Java version now available.
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Update: Download UC Browser 8.4 Final Unofficial English Versions Released.
Download UC Browser 8.3 Final Android
UC Browser is one of the most popular and powerful Mobile Internet Browser. The fully English version with International US and Indian server available for download. The UC Browser Java Build 12041011, UC Browser S60v3 Build 12030918, S60v5 Build 12030918 and UC Browser 8.3 Android official CN version currently available and still waiting for Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc. The UC Browser 8.3 translated in English: Java by sMn, S60v5 by pkb and S60v3 by Rifat, Android by Arshad Nawaz. Java verison added with both jar and zip format for different requirements.

New Features in Java:
Stability Enhanced: reduce theamount of disk space to address the multiple initialization problems on some phones.
Form submission optimization: the optimization part of the page jump, the form lost.
Read mode optimization: to repair the loss of part of the site to read mode elements.
Compatibility upgrade: to solve the problem can not be installed on the part of Huawei's mobile phone.

New Features in Symbian:
Bookmark real-time synchronization: intelligent convenient, without manual synchronization between local and server bookmarks, local bookmarks change can be automatically synchronized.
Intelligent open wifi optimization: support automatically open in a wifi environment wifi optimization, image quality, networking speeds across the board upgrade, no traffic can experience better browsing.
Seamless Browse: to open the URL input, search records and access history without leaving any traces, escort for privacy.
Volume keys page: touch-screenmachines to support the volume key to turn it! Fingers without substantial slide pages can glance in the end, tap the volume keys, flip fast and simple.

The UC Browser v8.3 Android version with patch bring a new cloud speech voice system to complete some operation by voice command and multi-point gestures support which allow you to perform variety of operation by sliding two fingers on screen. Also support for HTML 5 improved a lot. The reason is new UC Browser series based on new U3 core by developed by UC Mobiles and some old phone's hardware limit not suitable for this.
Download UC Browser Final
If Getting Chinese Page Dot Following:
1. After installation, clear all History data through Menu >Setting > Setting > Basic > Clear History.
2. Restore Default Setting through Menu >Setting > Setting > Advance > Restore Default Setting.
3. Restart UC Browser, Once again Clear History.
4. Go to Menu >Help > Homepage Contents Lost? > Click Here, You will get English Home Page along with Search Engine.
Tips for Better Browsing: To make if fast And to able to browser all site blocked in China, goto Menu> Settings and disable Cloud Acceleration in also select Scale Layout in View mode. Now open Advanced Settings tab and select Chrome as User Agent (UA).
Flash Lite Plugin for UC Browser 8.x Android, after download it, goto Menu- Downloads and switch to File Manager tab. Now browser to downloaded UCBrowser_FlashLite_Plugin_New_Android.upp file and just tap on it to install.

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Download Links UC Browser Final English Translated Versions:
UCBrowser Eng In_Server.jar (for Java Indian Server, 501 KB)
UCBrowser Eng In_Server.zip (zip format, for Java Indian Server, 489 KB)
UCBrowser Eng In_Server.jar (for Java International Server, 501 KB)
UCBrowser Eng In_Server.zip (zip format, for Java International Server, 489 KB)
UCBrowser_V8.3.0.133_S60V5_Int_Server.sis (for Symbian S60v5 International Server, 2.07 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.3.0.133_S60V5_In_Server.sis (for Symbian S60v5 Indian Server, 2.07 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.3.0.133_S60V3_Int_Server.sis (for Symbian S60v3 International Server, 1.6 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.3.0.133_S60V3_In_Server.sis (for Symbian S60v3 Indian Server, 1.6 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.3_Int_Server.apk (International Server for Android 2.1+, 5.5 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.3_In_Server.apk (Indian Server for Android 2.1+, 5.5 MB)
Flash Lite Plugin for UC Browser Android.upp (Flash Plugin for Android, 1.26 MB)

Update: Download UC Browser 8.4 Final Unofficial English Versions Released.
Also Read: UC Browser v8.2.0.132 Official English Version
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  1. Cool, I wonder when will the Java version will be available.

  2. bro why real host server does not work with handler uc browser....but its working in opera mini handler ?? and i need a handler uc browser for android not java.......

    1. Can't say my be limit wit UC.
      No handler yet created for Android UC Browser.


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