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Update: Download Opera Mini 7.0.1 Version Released for Android with Bug Fix

Opera Software ASA has released a update Opera Mini 7.0.1 Final version for all Android users with bug fixed reported in v7.0. The new version fix the problem with pages not loading completely found in Opera Mini 7.0 and optimized with other bug fixed.

Last month they released the preview version knows as Opera Mini Next and now the final version available for download with all new features and bug fixed.
Opera Mini 7 Final Version for Android, Java, Symbian
Opera Mini 7.0.1 Final for Android
Though Opera Mini 7 final still not released for other platforms like Java, Symbian, Blackberry etc, they still need to wait. Opera Mini 7 mobile web browser in a final version for the Android platform for all Android devices with 1.5 or above OS and can be download using direct link below but also available in Android Market now.
Opera Browser is one of the most popular browser around and available for all mobiles and desktop platforms. This must-have app is your web surfing soulmate. More than 160 million monthly users of Opera Mini already know that this must-have app makes web browsing on your phone faster and can help save costs, available in Google Play Store or direct link below.

What’s new in Opera Mini 7.0.1 & 7.0 Final:
~Problem with pages not loading completely.
~Opera Mini 7 for Android makes browsing faster and panning around sites smoother, thanks to improved hardware acceleration.
~Added Exit button for easily close the application. You can active it from advanced option in setting.
~The new revamped Speed Dial screen, with an unlimited number of Speed Dial shortcuts, debuts in all versions of Opera Mini Next for easy access to all your favorite websites. Feeling boxed in by only nine favorite Speed Dial sites on the Home Screen With Opera Mini 7, you get as many Speed Dial buttons as you’ll ever want. Add all the sites you want to see right from the moment you start up your browser. No more messing around with fiddly mobile keyboards or bookmarks.

Opera Mini 7 Final Version for Android, Java, Symbian
Opera Mini 7 Final Browser Whats New
~Ever needed to look something up online when you’re away from your home mobile network? Using the web while traveling can turn into an expensive adventure ... unless you’re an Opera Mini user on Android. Opera Mini 7 compresses, squeezes and jams webpages from the network into your phone.

~Up to 90% of the original data gets cut out, so not only do you use less data, but you also get where you want to go on the web even faster. You’ll also save time on slow networks. It’s the must-have web-travel companion.

Download Links Opera Mini 7.0.1 Final for Android:
Opera Mini 7.0.1 Final.apk (865 KB).

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