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Update: UC Browser Final English Translated Version for Windows Mobile, Java, Symbian

After the beta version, now UC Browser v Final Chinese version released for SymbianAndroid and Java. The unofficial English translated version now available for Windows Mobile, Symbian S60v3 & S60v5Java and soon for Android. UC Browser V bring new UI related improvements, features and function optimization to perform better and faster.
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Update: UC Browser 8.3 Final Unofficial English Released.

UC Browser (Ucweb) v8.2.0.116 (Build 11123018) final versions released for Symbian, Android and Java. Translated version for UC Browser 8.2 for Windows Mobiles, Java and Symbian S60v3 and S60v5 now available for download and still waiting for Android and Java version.

UC Browser 8.2 Final Eng
The UC Browser v8.2.0.116 for Windows Mobile/PPC2005 (Build 11123113) is sport a new festive splash screen and automatically issued a festive warm splash screen. Its has an alternative (editable) homepage. Editable homepage is located in the root directory of your device (file z.html and others html-files in uchome directory). You can create your home page or edit this files, add your links.
The UC Browser v8.2.0.116 for Symbian S60v3 & S60v5 (New Build 12010514) is sport a new festive splash screen and automatically issued a festive warm splash screen. Its now more convenient to send text messages. UC supports incoming call through the browser, sending text messages, browsing the web, send text messages to share in one step.
The UC Browser v8.2.0.116 for Java (Build 12010317) is now better for both touch and non touch phones, its optimized for touchscreen phones and menu will be accordingly your phone. It has different menu style for touch phones which is much easy to touch the menu items. You can easily select menus options in your Java touch screen phones.
The UC Browser v8.2.0.116 Android version bring a new multi-point gestures support which allow you to perform variety of operation by sliding two fingers on screen. Also support for HTML 5 improved a lot. The reason is new UC Browser series based on new U3 core by developed by UC Mobiles and some old phone's hardware limit not suitable for this.

The versions are translated by our great UC forum members: Android by SunilSati/Arshad Nawaz, Java by Bassel, S60v5 by Shankru, S60v3 Rifatspir and PPC by Dschinghis Khan. Specially like to mention that the great efforts by SunilSati result to make this full English translation possible for Android.

UC Browser V8.2 for Android
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If Getting Chinese Page Dot Following:
1. After installation, clear all History data through Menu >Setting > Setting > Basic > Clear History.
2. Restore Default Setting through Menu >Setting > Setting > Advance > Restore Default Setting.
3. Restart UC Browser, Once again Clear History.
4. Go to Menu >Help > Homepage Contents Lost? > Click Here, You will get English Home Page along with Search Engine.
Note: If getting always error before Download (Reloading Start Downloading)
1. Disable Download Security Tips through Menu > Setting > Setting >Advance > Download Security > No Tips
2. Disable Secure URL throughMenu > Setting > Setting >Advance > Secure URL > No Tips
3. This Problem is because this feature not enable to English server, when it will enabled then this error will stop
Tips for Better Browsing: To make if fast And to able to browser all site blocked in China, goto Menu> Settings and disable Cloud Acceleration in also select Scale Layout in View mode. Now open Advanced Settings tab and select Chrome as User Agent (UA).

UC Browser 8.2 English Java
Flash Lite Plugin for UC Browser 8 Android, after download it, goto Menu- Downloads and switch to File Manager tab. Now browser to downloaded WtAmsFsLite_V1.1.2.0.upp file and just tap on it to install.

Download UC Browser V8.2.0.116 Final Unofficial English for PPC, Symbian, Android and Java:
UCBrowser_V8.2.0.116_Final_Eng_WinMo.cab (For Windows Mobile/PPC2005, 2.69 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.2.0.116_Final_Eng_S60v5_in.sis (New Build 12010514 Symbian S60v5 India, 1.98 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.2.0.116_Final_Eng_S60v5_int.sis (New Build 12010514 Symbian S60v5 International, 1.98 MB)
UCBrowser_V8.2.0.116_Final_Eng_S60v3_in.sis (For Symbian S60v3 India, 1.45 KB)
UCBrowser_V8.2.0.116_Final_Eng_S60v3_int.sis (For Symbian S60v3 International, 1.45 KB)
UCBrowser_V8.2.0.116_Final_In.jar (Java India, 504 KB)
UCBrowser_V8.2.0.116_Final_Int.jar (Java International, 504 KB)
Update: UC Browser 8.3 Final Unofficial English Released.

Also Available: UC Browser Version in Hindi, Bangla, Arabic and with Modded Features.
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