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Halo Class Editor v2.20 for Editing/Translating any Java App

Halo is a very advance Class Editor which allow you to edit Java J2ME applications in your pc. Editing and translating Java Jar Apps become very easy with Halo Class Editor new version 2.20.

If you need to translate any jar app in your desktop, you can use Halo Class Editor v2.20. Halo Class Editor has a unique UI allow you to see all classes in scrollable list. Halo Class Editor has a two pan view, first pan list the all files in a jar archive and 2nd pan show the contests of selected class file.
Halo Class Editor Latest Version 2.20
Just go to File-Open Jar and select the jar file to start editing. Halo Class Editor will open all classes files and you can simply select them to edit contents, for exp you can translate any jar app to any language using it easily. For exp any Chinese app can be translated into English or other language.

Download Link New Halo Class Editor v2.20:
Halo Class Editor 2.20.rar (4.43 MB)
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