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Opera Mini 4.4 Released for Java: Download Now

Today Opera Software has released a new Opera Mini version 4.4 for Java supported mobile phones. The main focus of this release has been to bring the network features in Opera Mini 4 up to the same level as in Opera Mini 6.5.

Opera Mini 4.4
According to Opera, "With our love for Android and flashy phones it's easy to forget how important J2ME is. But the fact remains that lot of Opera Mini users with feature phones such as Nokia flip flops use it to go Online. This makes J2ME one of the most important mobile operating systems out there."

Also this update included several important stability and performance fixes. The most important fix is probably solving login issues with Opera Link. Samsung users should also find some updates and fixes in the user interface. This opens up new possibilities for your network operator to integrate services like free Opera Mini browsing to certain sites, and hopefully it makes it easier for you to connect.
There are no major user visible features in this release, but there are significant changes to the network code. Apart from that it has fixed skin issues for some Samsung devices.

Opera Mini 4.4
This 4.4 version of Opera Mini is specially for low-end devices that are not capable of running latest Opera Mini 6.5. Its best for any phone getting low memory issue with Opera Mini 6.5 version or facing other problem with 6.5 version. Just visit http://m.opera.com/  on your phone to download of use direct links below.

Download Opera Mini 4.4 for Java:
opera-mini-4.4.26736-advanced-en.jad (1.29 KB)
opera-mini-4.4.26736-advanced-en.jar (133.73 KB)
Opera Mini 4.4 Handler UI202 Fix.jar (170 KB)

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