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Download New Pro Paint Mobile v2.3 For Java Supported Phones

Pro Paint Mobile has released its new version 2.3 for Java phones. Pro Paint Mobile v2.3 a full featured paint editing application with all necessary tools. This has tools like Brush, Line, Rectangle, Fill, Ellipse, Circle, Triangle, Curve, Effector, Color Picker, Color Replace, Spray, Text, Cells, Labels, Selection, Lens and many others useful tools which help you to make a good design in your phone. Support fonts and has inbuilt skins.

You can create new or open already saved files and also use camera. This app also support a lots of effects like Transparency, Solarize, Black and White, RGB Adjustment, Saturation, Contrast, Gamma, Blur, Oil, Edge Detection, Mosaic, Pencil, Rotate, Flip, Shear, Fractal, Plasma, Twist, Tile etc. Here total 33 useful effects are available.
What New in Pro Paint Mobile v2.3:
~ Added new font and new effect maker.*
~ Insert the replacement of color no longer depends on the size of images.
~ Added work with transparent images.
~ The viewer, by pressing the # changing the background image in question.
~ Added a hotkey on # + Tsentr_Dzhoya - sets the cursor to the center of the picture.
~ Added information about the size of the allocation.
~ Add and edit multiple effects.
~ Did the ability to connect additional effects and change the order of the existing ones.
~ Go to the Paint Bucket Tool added tolerance option, allowing to change the sensitivity when casting.
Optimized and fixed:
~ Opening minikopy JPEG, color selection, editor, effects, color replacement, fm, menu
~ Added menu item "Information" when opening pictures
~ Processing of clamping keys in the effects, if you select the tool and spray
~ Added fast scrolling is in the file manager on the buttons 3.9
~ Updated interface. Thank you for Devey icons.
~ Optimized the work of the file manager, added sort by name
~ Overwrite saved in JPEG, now at higher speeds and consumes less memory
~ Rewrote the choice of color RGB, now by pressing kn.5 can choose a color palette in HSV-
~ Changed interface of effects on a more flexible and optimal. Removed unnecessary effects, recycled old and added new
~ Register CHAPI now available only for Sony Ericsson, because on some Nokia leads to an error
~ Posted by a font format ~ PPF (ProPaintFont). Now there are no restrictions on the size of the font and color change is normal. FNT fonts now will not be used!
~ Posted by effector fonts. You can apply effects to the current PPF-typeface. Called to the Effects menu in the selection screen of text.
~ Working again unload pictures in albums on of.sayte.

Pro Paint Mobile v2.3 also support fonts like PaintCAD. Thanks Soladal4j for this info. Its graphics arts work looks great when you make use of these fonts. Download the font and extract them in a folder for the font e.g. ProFonts. To load the font is very simple. As you want to write a text, go to Tool- highlight 'Text' and click on it. Then press right soft key, which will show 'Menu', click on menu, then 'File' after that click 'Open'. Now goto the folder where you extracted fonts. Click on font you need. Wait for the app to return to previous stage. Now your font is loaded. Click on fire key, this act takes you to text box where you write your text.

Download New Pro Paint Mobile v2.3 For Java Supported Phones:
Pro_Paint_Mobile_v2.3.jar (297 KB)
Pro Paint Mobile v2.3 Fonts Collection.zip (6 fonts inside the archive,144 KB)

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