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Hack Your Nokia Symbian Phone Using Trend Micro AV Without PC

Here yet another way to hack your Nokia Symbian phone. This time using Antivirus! Yes right, now Antivirus can also use to hack your phone. This new Symbian hack tutorial tell you how to hack your Nokia Symbian phone with Trend Micro Mobile Security Anti virus and some other apps here without need of a PC. This tutorial is for educational purpose only.

Just follow method below steps and get your phone hacked for full access to all folder and system folders.

How to Hack Nokia Symbian Phone:
1. Download and Unpack tmquarantine.zip from links below and extract this archive into C drive. You can use X-Plore from links below. You should get C:\tmquarantine\ .
2. Download and install Anti-Virus Mobile Security.sis from links below but before make sure there is no any other antivirus in the phone.
3. Launch this installed Anti-Virus.
4. Go to Options - Quarantine list.
5. Select Options - Restore at all files.    
6. Close Anti-Virus and delete/uninstall it (if not than 365 days full version of this antivirus).
7. Download and install RomPatcher Plus v3.1 Lite Version from links below.
8. Launch RomPatcher+ and apply patches:
- Open4all for access to all folders
- Installserver for installing any unsigned apps (if you got redcross, then you need to get proper installserver from installservers_pack.zip below and copy to c/sys/bin/)
If need do Options - Add to auto at patches you need to autostart on phone boot.
9. Your phone is hacked now and you've full access to your phone system.
Thanks to by bebooo43 & coderus for the method and Impkb00 to let me know.
Enjoy !!!!!!!!

Download Links for All Above Apps:
tmquarantine.zip (5.5 KB)
X-plore-1-56-S60v3-S60v5-S^3.sis (870 KB).
Mobile_Security.sis (875 KB)
RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.zip (193 KB)
installservers_pack.zip (For all Symbian, 351 KB)
Installserver Symbian S60v3 (OS 9.1 to 9.2).zip (190 KB)
Installserver Symbian S60v3 S60v5 (OS 9.3-9.4).zip (46 KB)
Installserver Symbian S^3.zip (50 KB)

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  1. I have found it hard to hack my E63,buh when i saw this method,i decided to try it,and you know what,it finally work out for me.this is the most simplest,hardest and most technical of all hacking tricks,thanx for sharing bro

  2. What installserver.exe works for E63? I tried 91,92 and 934, still no luck. 

  3. Use according to your phone's OS version (also check one in installservers_pack.zip) and also check after restarting coz sometimes it done but you can get error until restarting your phone. 
    May be your phone already got hacked, just check. 

  4. Today I tried hacking my 5530 using this but I am not much a technical person so I dont fully understand this, it could have been explained better and more step by step. My phone still hasn't been hacked after trying this and I really will like to get my phone hacked. Please explain it better for my sake please. I have all the files downloaded and intalled. Step by step what am I to do now?

  5. First download all files required to your phone.
    The Nokia 5530 is a Symbian S60v5 OS Version 9.4. Select the correct installserver for this phone. Carefully follow all steps. If you already apply all steps, restart your phone and check if it already got hacked.

  6. tanx
    bro u r done a great job for symbian users.

  7. My X plore cannot create the .sys/bin folder. How am I to do this step? Because when I open rompatcher it says this folder is missing. Help please asap.

  8. Can you explain the step with the anti virus in more detail please, when I launch it there is nothing in the quarantine. Also when I launch RomPatcher it says /sys/bin/patcher not found. Assist please, thank you.

  9. You need to download and extract tmquarantine.zip to C: as given in step1. Or you can copy files in tmquarantine.zip to quarantine folder created by Antivirus or create one yourself. The tmquarantine folder will be in C:, as showing in first image above.

    You need to create C:/sys/bin/ by either using phone's default file manager or use any other. First create a sys folder and than open it and create bin indie it. Put the installserver in C:/sys/bin/

  10. thanku thanku thanku yr... its awwwsome

  11. how can i change start up screen and sound of my nokia n82 to my own

  12. the x-plore file i cant open it . may i know why?

  13. Download and install x-plore first to open your phone files with it. Plz give more details about error.

  14. please help me my nokia e75 was hacked using this method, but thereafter i deleted some folders from my phone memory i order to acquire free space and at last the hacking was aborted. I now follow the same procedure but my rompactcher did not display instalserver and open4all as it use to do. Please moderators i need ur urgent help am a fan of .sis apps. Thanks a lot in advance

  15. yes i did it.superb......

  16. when i open rompatcher it says no sys/bin/lld plsss bro help me to complete this

  17. nice blog,,,




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