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mHotSpot v2.0 Released: Share Your System Net Over WiFi Easily Without Installation

In most of the cases we often come across a problem, i.e a single internet connection is available for a laptop/pc. Now if we want to use the same internet connection for other wifi connectivity devices like other pc's, laptops, smartphones, printers, tablet-pcs or any other devices there arises a complexity. Here mHotSpot come in action for how to.

So, by using mhotspot software you can setup a wireless network at your home or office or on mobile. Any no. of wifi connectivity devices can be connected to the thus created network. Even the Android and other smartphones without any further modifications into them, can access the wifi internet.

You can share your internet over wifi in just two steps!! NO INSTALLATION!! required for this. mhotspot is a free-software that converts your wifi enabled LAPTOP/PC running windows OS into a virtual wifi hotspot and share your internet through wifi to other laptops, smartphones, PDA's, Tablet-PCs or any other wifi connectivity devices.

Overview and features:
~The best part in mhotspot is,it's free and easy to use,need not to install the software.
~Any no. of devices can be connected to the created virtual hotspot.
~It's simplest user interface differentiates it from the rest.
~Even simpler mobile phones with wifi connectivity can access wifi internet because of the "ACCESS POINT-SCHEMA" used in the software.
~Works for ANDROID and SMARTHONES to access the created wifi network.

Instructions to Use:
~Browse for the downloaded file "mhotspot.exe".
~Double click the mhotspot.exe file,run as adminstrator in windows vista/7.
~Setup the hotspot name and password for the wifi access.
~Now,goto newtork connections and select the internet connection you want to share and right click the connection and choose properties.
~In properties,under sharing tab tick the "Allow other users to connect through this computer's internet connection" and select the created wireless network.
~Now click start to enable sharing your internet through wifi.
~Click stop to disable sharing.

Supported OSs: Wind XP, Vista and Windows 7

Download Free mHotSpot v2.0 to Share Your System Net Over WiFi Easily Without Installation:
mHotSpot v2.0.exe (6.36 MB)

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  1. Great.. Will it work with AD-HOC network on android ?

  2. Not tested but should work, give a try.

  3. download link is not working. sir plz update the download link.


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