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Update/Handler/Build:Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 18 Build 22153 English Available for Download

The Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 18 Russian new build 22153 released and English version available to you. Re developed and highly modded by DG-SC Team, Opera Mini Mod 4.21 provides lots of features and improvements. It has new features like free copy, better skin mode and lots of optimization for best performance. Handler version of Beta 18 also added.
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Change Log for Opera Mini Mod 4.21.22153 Beta 18 (7-May-2012):(don't confuse with naming system, for exp: OMM 4.21.18 or OMM 4.21 beta 18 or OMM 4.21.21881 all are same in different naming system, the main version is 4.21 and we can add build or beta name with it). List of Changes in this build:
Download Opera Mini Mod 4.21 New Build English Jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 New Build
Download Opera Mini Mod 4.21 New Beta Build English
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta English
~Banner on "Close Tab".
~Fit to interface adds a new item for the custom size.
~Select the text at the entrance to the box when you rename the FM and FTP - name only, excluding the extension.
~Changes in the creation and processing of commands.
~Select the text at the entrance to the direct input is disabled in the settings of the text.
~Edit Changes the type of processing the input fields on the page.
~Edit copy text directly from the page.
~If the top menu items are located on-site curb tongues, then these items in the menu is not selected.
~Edit a picture reference number for quick navigation.
~Edit the type of processing the input fields on the page.
~Tip hot on the lower border of appearing after the release.
~Edit command processing in a telephone input field.
Thanks to our UC Forum staff member Priatama for this English translation from Russian language. Direct download links for both jar and zip format added.

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Download Opera Mini Mod 4.21.18 New Beta Build English
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Touchscreen
Download Opera Mini Mod 4.21.18 English Java zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Touch
Download Link Latest Build Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 18 English (7 May 2012):
Download Latest Build Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 19 English Here (New Page for new versions).
---Earlier Versions---
Opera-mini-4.21b18v22153en.jar ( OMM 4.21 Beta 18, 428 KB)
Download Opera Mini Mod 4.21 New 38 Color Skins Collection (13 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21b18v22048en.jar (Standard version, 428 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21b18v22000en.jar (Standard version, 428 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21b18v21926_signed.zip (zip format and signed, 441 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21b18v21881en.jar (OMM 4.21 Beta 18, 422 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21b18v21881_notch.jar (OMM 4.21 Beta 18 No touch, 396 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21b17v21763en.jar (OMM 4.21 Beta 17, 440 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21b17v21763en.zip (OMM 4.21 Beta 17 Signed, 436 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21b16v21563en.jar ( OMM 4.21 Beta 16 440 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21b16v21563en.zip ( OMM 4.21 Beta 16, 436 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21b16v21503en-no-touch-mfa.jar (OMM 4.21 Beta 16, Non Touch, 392 KB)
Opera-mini-4.21.15v21288enSigned.zip (OMM 4.21 Beta 15 Signed, 434 KB)
Opera421.20936_b14_Eng.jar (New Build, OMM 4.21 Beta 14, 422 KB)
Opera421.20869_b14_Eng.jar (New Build, OMM 4.21 Beta 14, 421 KB)
Opera421.20844_b14_Eng.jar (New Build, OMM 4.21 Beta 14, 419 KB)
Opera421.20809_b14_Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 14, 418 KB)
Opera421.20562_b13_Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 13, 412 KB)
Opera421.20453_b13_Eng_Signed.zip (Signed, Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 13, 412 KB)
Opera421.20262_b12_Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 12, 411 KB)
Opera421.20262_b12_Eng_Signed.zip (Signed, Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 12, 410 KB)
Opera421.20058_b11_Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 11, 403 KB)
Opera421.19867_b10 Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta10, 375 KB)
Opera421.19687_b9 Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta9, 381 KB)
Opera421_b8 Eng_WRL.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta8, Without Russian Links, 372 KB)
Opera421_b7 Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 7, 370 KB)
Opera421_b7 Eng_Signed.zip (Signed with Darkman certificate, 367 KB)
Opera421_b6 Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 6, 365 KB)
Opera421_b6 Eng_Signed.zip (Signed with Darkman certificate, 368 KB)
Opera421_b5 Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 5, 365 KB)
Opera421_b5 Eng_Signed.zip (Signed with Darkman certificate, 363 KB)
Opera421_b4Rev2Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 4, 363 KB)
Opera421b4Rev2Eng.jad (Signed with Darkman certificate, 2.2 KB)
Opera421b3Eng.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 3, 362 KB)
Opera421b3Eng.zip (Signed with Darkman certificate, 360 KB)
Opera421b2EnRuLinkHide.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 2 ,358 KB)
Opera421b2EnRuLinkHide.zip (Signed with Darkman certificate, 355 KB)
Opera421b1enhide.jar (Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 1, 363 KB)
Opera421b1enhideSigned.zip (Signed with Darkman certificate, 362 KB)
~Chocolate v3.0_Skin_OMM.col (New Skin (theme) for Mini Mod 4.21, 1 KB)
~Skins for Opera Mini Mod4.2.zip (4 Skins, 2 KB)
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  1. How do i can add graphics to opera mini ? I dont know what is "g" position

  2. Read following tutorials: http://forum.ucweb.com/viewthread.php?tid=2509
    and : http://forum.ucweb.com/viewthread.php?tid=2487

  3. mannu bro can u mod uc s60v3 4 airtel

  4. will this work on samsung galaxy y?

  5. Its a java app and not directly run on Android phones. This may be possible with java app runner. You need to install a Java emulator in phone. There's two method to do so. Read here how to do that: http://www.mannuforall.in/2011/04/netmite-j2me-app-runner-to-run-java.html and http://www.mannuforall.in/2011/04/run-java-applications-or-games-on.html

  6. hello mannuforall. I have 3 questions here. First of all, where can I find custom fonts on the internet? Second, what is the format of the file for the language pack? Third, where can I request a feature to DG-SC? Thanks in advance. :)

  7. You can find and above contents or request on official forum here: http://opera-mini.ru/forum2/

  8. you haven't answered my second question; what is the file format for the language pack?

  9. Which language pack?
    It need to translate internal file to get other languages.

  10. So I have to edit the file named l (which does not have extension)?

  11. Thank you for your replies. Have a good day! :)

  12. Address auto complete is not working in this OM.
    I mean if i open any website & after some time again type some words of that website in address bar then it should automatically complete.

  13. url auto-completion is not wrkg in this opera.
    Sir plz tell me hw i can set this function. is it possible or not?

  14. Hi, I cant add darkman certficate to my nokia c2-03 . In mobi mb it appears as nokia rm 702 buti cant open its filemanager.niethr oxycube supports it.pls help me t use signed opera.

  15. url auto complete function added in om4.21b17 handler but full screen edit is not available in this om, so it is difficult to type any thing in this om

  16. Hey! The new test is available. Check it in the official site. Don't forgen to look for my Native OMM skin for latest 4.2. Now it's one of the first workable skins :)

  17. i love this  item and it is amazing .

  18.  Hello sir
    can u tell me about handler ad what is their function and their use.
    thank you in advance

  19. Handler Handler apps help you to browse for free using network cheats tricks or gain extra speed or better browsing experience, enable you to use custom proxy server and tricks for free internet browsing.
    It also benefit that your connection works fast, you can choose any server that helps in reducing traffic on servers.

    Plz read this tutorial to know more about it: http://www.mannuforall.in/2011/01/tutorial-how-to-use-handler-ui-mod.html or download handler app here: http://www.mannuforall.in/2011/04/updated-download-latest-handler-mod.html#ixzz1rX1JfNTj

  20. Hi Manojr Tiwari bro

    i need op mod 4.21.18 language in *en-us*

    where i found it?

    Help me plz

    1. Link already give abvoe, here again: http://dl.readforgreed.com/download-opera-mini-mod-4-21-18-build-21926-english-jar

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