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Updated: Download Latest Handler UI Mod Apps Collection: UC Browser, Opera Mini, Bolt, etc

Hi, Friends this post for providing you the Handler Mod Downloads for Latest Browser and other useful softwares. Here a biggest ever collection of Handler UI (UI207, UI208 ...) mod for all browsers like UCBrowser (Ucweb), Opera Mini, Opera Mini Mod, Bolt etc and many other useful apps like Nimbuzz, Snaptu, YourTube, Skype, GMap, Gmail, eBuddy, RocketTalk etc. Plz visit regularly for updates.

Updated: Download Latest Handler UI Mod Apps Collection: UC Browser, Opera Mini, Bolt, etc
New Handler UI 2.0.7
What is Handler UI Mod: Handler apps help you to browse for free using network cheats tricks or gain extra speed or better browsing experience, enable you to use custom proxy server and tricks for free internet browsing. It also benefit that your connection works fast, you can choose any server that helps in reducing traffic on servers. Your site opening also improves. And the proxy server provided by service provider cannot be changed directly from phone so thats why we use proxy mod apps. Handler Mod available in different UI like 150, 200, 202, all has different user interface and features.
Note: Some newly Handler UI202 or UI 208 app may ask you activation key/code after 20 times use of app, the default activation key to use handler for unlimited times is www.nextwap.net or www.ykhandler.com.

How to Use of Queries In Handler UI Mod Editable Server:
(Also Read This New:Tutorial How to Use Handler UI Mod Apps by Yk Handler)
(Thanks to Yk_handler and Dzebb to make such a great mods and sohil876 for following explanation)
In field Custom HTTP Server : put any customizable proxy server (example: http://wapx.amob.com) with main server of app (example: server4.operamini.com:80/). In this block to use it as proxy http server (example: http://wapx.amob.com.server4.operamini.com/) in any app,
In field Front Query : It mostly used for adding downloading server or downloading trick (exp: wapx.amob.com@) but works only with some service providers,
In fieldMiddle & Back Query : These are mostly useless for us so just leave it blank.
In field Remove String From URL/Remove Port From URL : Leave it blank for default.
In field HOST : You can provide host address or any server here to have a host server.
For example you can try following in Opera Mini 4.2 Handler mod:
1. For fast speed: HTTP Server: http://mini5beta.opera-mini.net:80/ ; Front Query(only if its working for you otherwise leave it blank): wapx.amob.com@ ; Host: ; Leave other fields blank.
2. HTTP Server: http://wapx.amob.com.server4.operamini.com:80/ ; Front Query(only if its working for you otherwise leave it blank): wapx.amob.com@ ; Host: ; Leave other fields blank.
You can also use this indiatimes server for free browsing: http://wap.indiatimes.com/usearch/, http://mini5beta.opera-mini.net:80/ or add another in place of http://mini5beta.opera-mini.net:80/
Or in UC Browser 8.2 with Airtel:
First initialize UC Browser with all field blanks. Now reopen it and fill in front query:
Proxy type: real host
Proxy server:
1. live.airtelworld.com
2. m.twitter.com
3. 0.facebook.com
Free Direct Download Links for Latest Handler UI Mod Apps Version:
UC Browser Universal, Handler UI208: UC860universalhui208.zip
UC Browser Touch, Handler UI208: UC860samsunghui208lite.zip
Opera Mini 7.0.31438 Handler UI207: Opmin7.0.31438_HUI207.jar
Opera Mini 7.0.31438 Handler UI207: Opmin7.0.31438_HUI207.zip
Opera Mini Next 7.0.30568 Handler UI205: Opnext7030568hui205.jar
FZsms v3.0 App HUI 125: FzSms-v3.0-HUI125(12_in_1).jar
Ibibo iBrowser 2.7 HUI 204: ibrowser v2.7 HUI202.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta20 Build 22472 HUI 204: OMM4.21b20.22472HUI204.zip
PicoWeb v2.3 Handler UI204: PicoWeb_v2.3_HUI204.jar
PicoWeb v2.3 Handler UI125: PicoWeb_v2.3_HUI125.jar
Facebook v2.8.1 Handler UI204: Facebook_v2.8.1_HUI204.jar
UC Browser Cloud Official HUI 204: UCB8.3.1.161_Cloud_HUI204.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta19 Build 22416 HUI 204: OMM4.21b19.22416HUI204.zip
Opera Mini 7.0.29915 HUI 204: OperaMini7HUI204c.zip
Facebook Chat by mSonar 1.0 HUI 204: FacebookChat1.0HUI204.jar
Facebook Chat by mSonar 1.0 HUI 125: FacebookChat1.0HUI125.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta19 Build 22288 HUI 204: OMM4.21b19.22288HUI204.zip
Facebook Chat 1.0 HUI 202: FacebookChat1.0HUI202.zip
Qeep 2.1.2 HUI 150: Qeep2.1.2HUI150.zip
Ayuku RSS Reader 0.64 HUI 202: AyukuRSSReader064HUI202.zip
IBIBO iBrowser 2.5 HUI 202: iBrowser25HUI202.zip
RockeTalk 7.12 Handler UI 202 Touch: RockeTalk712HUI202.zip
QQ Browser 2.6 HUI 203: QQBrowser2.6HUI203.jar
UC Browser 7.2 Android Handler UI150: Ucweb7.2 HUI150 Mod.apk
eBuddy 2.3.1 Handler UI202: eBuddy2.3.1HUI202.jar
YMessenger 2.10 HUI202: YMessenger210hui202.jar
YMessenger 2.10 HUI202: YMessenger210hui202.zip
FullOnSMS New Handler UI202: FullOnSMS HUI202.jar
Way2SMS New Handler UI202: Way2SMS HUI202.jar
YouTube 1.4.7 Handler UI202: YouTube 147HUI150.jar
YouTube 1.4.7 Handler UI202: YouTube 147HUI150.zip
YourTube v1.1.7 Handler UI203 Mod: YourTube117hui203.jar
Android Market Downloader with Handler UI: AndroidMarket_dl_HUI
All UC Browser (UCWeb) Handler UI Mods:
UC Browser Cloud 8.3.1 HUI 204: UCB8.3.1_Cl-HUI204.jar
UC Browser Official Handler UI202: UCB8.2.144_HUI202.jar
UC Browser Official Handler UI202: UCB8.2.144_HUI202.zip
UC Browser 8.2 Official Handler UI203: UCB8.2_HUI202.jar
UC Browser 8.2 Official Handler UI203: UCB8.2_HUI202.zip
UC Browser Handler UI202: UC8.2_HUI202.jar
UC Browser Official Handler UI202: UCweb803_Off_HUI202.jar
UC Browser 8.0.3 Lite Handler UI202: UCweb803_Lite_HUI202.jar
UC Browser Mini 8 Lite Handler UI202: UCwebMini8_Lite_HUI202.jar
UC Browser 7.9 Official Handler UI202: UCBrowser7.9_O_HUI202.jar
UC Browser Handler UI202: UCBrowser8.0_HUI202.jar
UC Browser 7.8 Indian Independence Day  HUI 202: UC7.8IID_HUI202.jar
UC Browser 7.8 Indian Independence Day HUI 202: UC7.8IID_HUI202.zip
UC Browser 7.8 Mini Handler UI202: UCBrowser7.8LiteHUI202.jar
UC Browser 7.8 Mini Handler UI202: UCBrowser7.8LiteHUI202.zip
UC Browser 7.9 Private Beta Handler UI202: UCBrowser7.9_HU202.jar
UC Browser 7.8 Official  Handler UI202: UCBrowser7.8OE_HU202.jar
UC Browser 7.8 Official Handler UI202: UCBrowser7.8OE_HU202.zip
UC Browser 7.8 Official Handler UI150: UCBrowser7.8OE_HUI50.jar
UC Browser 7.8 Official Handler UI150: UCBrowser7.8OE_HUI50.zip
UC Browser 7.8 Lite Handler UI150: UCBrowser7.8LiteHUI150.jar
UC Browser 7.8 Lite (for low memory) HUI 150: UCBrowser7.8LiteHUI150.zip
UC Browser 7.8 Patch Eng Handler UI150: UCweb7.8pHUI150.jar
UC Browser 7.8 Patch Eng Handler UI150: UCweb7.8pHUI150.zip
UC Browser 7.8 Eng Handler UI150: UCweb7.8HUI150.jar
UC Browser 7.8 Eng Handler UI150: UCweb7.8HUI150.zip
UC Browser 8.0 Alfa Eng Handler UI150-Fix1: UCweb8.0HUI150-F1.jar
UC Browser 8.0 Alfa Eng Handler UI150-Fix1: UCweb8.0HUI150-F1.zip
UC Browser 7.2 Handler UI 200b5: UCweb7.2HUI200b5.jar
UC Browser 7.7 Official Handler UI200b5: UCweb7.7OHUI200b4.jar
UC Browser 7.7 Official Handler UI 150-Fix1: UCweb7.7OHUI150-F1.jar
UC Browser 7.7 Official Handler UI 150-Fix1: UCweb7.7OHUI150-F1.zip
UC Browser 7.6 Official HUI123-Fix1: UC Browser-7.6 Off-HUI123.jar
UC Browser 7.6 Official HUI200b4-Fix1: UC-Browser-7.6 Off-HUI-200b4.jar
All Opera Mini and Opera Mini Mod Browser Handler UI Mods:
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta19 Build 22280 HUI 204: OMM4.21b19.22280HUI204.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta19 Build 22264 HUI 204: OMM4.21b19.22264HUI204.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta19 Build 22232 HUI 204: OMM4.21b19.22232HUI204.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta18 Build 22105 HUI 203: OMM4.21b8.22105HUI203.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta18 Build 22013 HUI203: Opmod421b18hui203.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta18 Build 22048 HUI203: Opmod421b18hui203.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta18 Build 21881 HUI203: Opmod421b18hui203.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 18 Build 21881 HUI203: Opmod421b18hui203.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta17 Build 21820 HUI203: Opmod421b17hui203.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta16 Build 21563 HUI203: Opmod421b16hui203.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta16 Build 21563 HUI203: Opmod421b16hui203.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta15 HUI203: Opmod421b15hui203c.jar
Opera Mini 7 Next Handler UI 150: Opnext7HUI150.jar
Opera Mini 7 Next Android Handler UI: Opnext7HUI.apk
Opera Mini 7 Next Handler UI203: Opnext7HUI203.jar
Opera Mini 7 Next Handler UI203: Opnext7HUI203.zip
Opera Mini 6.5 Build 27424 Rev 1 HUI202: OM6-5-27424HUI202.jar
Opera Mini 4.4, 0 Key Handler UI203: Opmin44R2HUI203.jar
Opera Mini 6.5.2 Handler UI for Android: Opmin652hui.apk
Oupeng 6.5 Handler UI202 Firefox Skin: Oupeng65hui202-En-ff.zip
Oupeng 6.5 Handler UI202 Firefox -Indonesian: Oupeng65hui202-Id-ff.zip
Oupeng 4.4.27822 Handler UI202: Oupeng44.27822HUI202uchimadara08.jar
Opera Mini 4.4 Alpha6 Handler UI203: Opmin44A6hui203.jar
Opera Mini 4.4 Alpha5 Handler UI203: Opmin44A5hui203.jar
Opera Mini 4.4.28000 New Alpha3 Handler UI203: Opmin44a3hui203dzebb.jar
Opera Mini 4.4.28000 New Alpha 3 Handler UI203: Opmin44a3hui203dzebb.zip
Opera Mini 4.4.28000 New Alpha3 Fix3 HUI203: Opmin44a3hui203f3.jar
Opera Mini 4.4.28000 Lab Handler UI202: OM4.4a1HUI202.jar
Opera Mini 4.4 Handler UI202-Fix: OM4.4HUI202-Fix.jar
Opera Mini 6.5 Handler UI202: Opera Mini 6.5HUI202.jar
Opera Mini 4.2 Labs Handler UI150_New: OMM4.2LabsHUI150r2rh.jar
Opera Mini 5.1 HUI202 Rev1 With Night Mode: OM5.1HUI202R1.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta14 Handler UI203: OMM4.21B14HUI203-F1.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta13 Handler UI202: OMM4.21B13HUI202c.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta12 Handler UI202: OMM4.21B12HUI202c1.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta11 Handler UI202 Fix3: OMM4.21B11HUI202F3.jar
OM Mod 4.21 Beta11 Handler UI202 Fix2: OMM4.21B11HUI202F2.jar
OM Mod 4.21 Beta11 Handler UI202: OMM4.21B11HUI 202.jar
OMMod 4.21 B10 HUI202 Indonesia + Firefox Skin: OMM4.21B10HUI202In.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta10 Handler UI202: OMM4.21B10HUI 202.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta9 Handler UI202: OMM4.21B9HUI 202.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta9 Handler UI202: OMM4.21B9HUI 202.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta7 Handler UI202: OMM4.21B7HUI202.jar
Opera Mini 6.1 Handler UI202: Opera Mini 6.1HUI202.jar
Opera Mini 6.1 Handler UI150: Opera Mini 6.1HUI150.jar
Opera Mini 6.1 Handler UI150: Opera Mini 6.1HUI150.zip
Opera Mini 6.0 Handler UI200b4Fix1: OM 6.0 HUI200b4Fix1.jar
Opera Mini 6.0 Handler UI123Fix1: OM 6.0 HUI123Fix1.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta6 Handler UI202 Fix1: OMM4.21B6HUI202.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta6 Handler UI202 Fix1: OMM4.21B6HUI202.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta5 Handler UI150: OMM4.21B5HUI150.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta5 Handler UI150: OMM4.21B5HUI150.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta1 Handler UI200b5: OMM4.21B1HUI200b5.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.20 Final Handler UI150: OperaMiniMod4.2HUI150.jar.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.2 RC3 Rev1 Handler UI200b4: OMMod4.2RC3HUI200b4.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.2 RC3 Rev1 Handler UI123: OMMod4.2RC3HUI123.jar
Opera Mini 5.1 Handler UI202 Optimized Low Memory: OM5.1HUI202.jar
Opera Mini 4.3 Rev3 Handler UI201: OM4.3R3HUI201.jar
Opera Mini 4.3 Handler UI200b4 Rev2: OM4.3HUI200b4R2.jar
Opera Mini4.3 Handler UI123 Rev2: OM4.3HUI123R2.jar
Opera Mini 4.3 Handler UI123: OM4.3HUI123.jar
Opera Mini 4.3 Handler UI200b4: OM4.3UI200b4.jar
All Bolt Browser Handler UI Mods:
Bolt Browser 2.52 Working Handler UI202: Boltv2.52_HUI202.jar
Bolt Browser 2.52 Lite Working Handler UI202: Boltv2.52_lite_HUI202.jar
Bolt Browser 2.52 Indic Handler UI202: Bolt2.52FullHUI202.jar
Bolt Browser 2.52 Full Handler UI202: Bolt2.52FullHUI202.jar
Bolt Browser 2.52 Full Handler UI 202: Bolt2.52FullHUI202.zip
Bolt Browser 2.52 Full HUI150: Bolt2.52FullHUI150.jar
Bolt Browser 2.52 Lite HUI150: Bolt2.52HUI150.jar
Bolt Browser 2.52 Lite HUI150: Bolt2.52HUI150.zip
Bolt Browser 2.51 HUI150: Bolt2.51HUI150.jar
Bolt Browser 2.51 HUI150: Bolt2.51HUI150.zip
Bolt Browser 2.50 HUI200b4-Fix1: Bolt2.50HUI200b4-F1.jar
Bolt Browser 2.50 HUI200b4: BoltBrowser2.50HUI-200b4.jar
All Other Browsers Handler UI Mods:
QQ Browser 2.5.02 Handler UI203: QQbrowser2.5hui203.jar
ibibo iBrowser 2.2.05 Handler UI202: Ibrowser225hui202.jar
QQ Browser Handler UI202 Mod Fix 1: QQ2406hui202mfa1.jar
QQ Browser Mini 2.2.5 Handler UI202: Qqbrowser225hui202c.jar
QQ Browser Handler UI200b5: QQBrowser2035HUI200b5.jar
Datou Browser 1.2 English Handler UI 200b5: Datou Browser1.2 HUI200b5.jar
Datou Browser 1.2 English Handler UI 200b5: Datou Browser1.2 HUI200b5.zip
OVI Browser 0.8.3 Handler Mod UI 200b4: Ovi-Browser083-HUI-200b4.jar
OVI Browser083 Handler UI 200b4: OVI Browser083HUI 200b4.jar
OVI Browser083 Handler UI 200b4: OVI Browser083HUI 200b4.zip
All Other Applications Handler UI Mods:
Facebook v2.7.1 Handler UI202: Facebook_v2.7.1_HUI202.jar
NewsHunt 1.50.03 Handler UI202: NewsHunt 1.50.03hui202.jar
Cricket 1.3 Handler UI202: Cricket 1.3 HUI202.jar
Cricket 1.3 Handler UI202: Cricket 1.3 HUI202.zip
MobilGet 2.5.0 Handler UI203: MobilGet2.5.0hui203.jar
ToGo TV 3.30 Handler UI202: ToGo-TV-3.30HUI202.jar
GTranslate Tool 1.5.6 Handler UI203: GTranslateTool1.5.6hui203.jar
AVACS 2.2.0 Handler UI 203: AVACS2.2.0-HUI203.jar
Nimbuzz 1.9.5 Handler UI203: Nimbuzz195HUI203.jar
Mig33 4.62 Handler UI202 Rev 1: Mig33_4.62HUI202R1.jar
RockeTalk 6.0.6 Handler UI202: RockeTalk 6.0.6HUI202.jar
YourTube1.1.6 Handler UI202 Mod Fix 1: YourTube116hui202f1.jar
YourTube 1.1.6 Handler UI202 Mod Fix 1: YourTube116hui202f1.zip
Nimbuzz 1.9.3 HUI202: Nimbuzz193HUI202.jar
aeD 4.60 Download Manager Handler UI202: aeD4.60_HUI202.jar
Mozat 6.3.3 Handler UI202 Mod Fix 1: Mozat633hui202f1.jar
ShMessenger 3.3.2 Handler UI202: ShM332HUI202.jar
eBuddy 2.20 Handler Mod UI 200b4: eBuddy2.20b_HUI-200b4.jar
Snaptu 1.7.1 Handler Mod UI 202: Snaptu-1-7-1-HUI-202.jar
Snaptu 1.7.1 Handler Mod UI 202: Snaptu-1-7-1-HUI-202.zip
Empire Handler UI202: Empire HUI202.jar
Empire 6.5.6 Online Game Handler UI202: Empire 6.5.6 HUI202.jar
MobTorrent 1.1 Handler UI202: MobTorrent1.1 HUI202.jar
160by2 v1.1 Free SMS App Handler UI202: 160by2 v1.1 HUI202.jar
Mozat 6.02 HUI150: Mozat6.02HUI150.jar
Nimbuzz 1.9.2 HUI150: Nimbuzz192HUI150.jar
Nimbuzz 1.9.2 HUI150: Nimbuzz192HUI150.zip
YourTube 1.10 Handler UI200b5-Rev1: YourTube110HUI200b5R1.jar
mig33 v4.60 Handler UI150: mig33v460HUI150.jar
TTPOD 1.10 Handler UI200b5: TTPOD110HUI200b5.jar
Snaptu1.71 Handler UI123: Snaptu1.71HUI123.jar
Snaptu1.71 Handler UI200b4: Snaptu1.71UI200b4.jar
World Of Dragon 1.1.8 S40 Handler UI 200b5: WOD118S40HUI200b5.zip
World Of Dragon 1.1.8 S60 DP3 Handler 200b5: WOD118S60HUI200b5.zip
Nimbuzz 1.90 Handler UI150R1: Nimbuzz 1.90 HUI150R1.jar
Nimbuzz 1.90 Handler UI150R1: Nimbuzz 1.90 HUI150R1.zip
ShMessenger-3-2-14 HUI200b4: ShMessenger-3214-HUI200b4-Fix1.jar
Click Here for Page 2 (For More Handler Apps)
Also Visit for Other Free Mobile Apps: Download Free Mobile Softwares.


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  2. please, i am looking for a handler app that can handle skype. i also need one for tv (like togotv or any other). i will also appreciate any CAST OPERA handler (preferably the latest). thanks for all the ones you've pasted, you are a genius.

  3. downloading problems says service unavilable

  4. Just again after few time or try without download manager or using default browser.

  5. Can u plz upload operamini 6.5 handler ui143 which has an http server and socket server column in it...
    I have searched all in google ....
    But I could only find 5.1...
    There is no 6.1 and 6.5 handler ui143...
    Can u plz make this....

  6. None of new apps mod available with handler ui 143.

  7. K....
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  13. http://store.ovi.com/content/51924#

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  15. Nokia browser also known as OVI browser, its available here. Check this above.
    Though not the latest version available yet.

  16. but it above ovi browser 083 not works.........shows some error......checkit

  17. Try other one available. And no other handler version currently available. I'll update here when new version ready.

  18. k sir thank u............then bolt handler not working in my phone......wat would be problem

  19. Bolt has stopped services, read here: http://www.mannuforall.in/2011/12/new-bolt-browser-231-fully-working.htmlto get an available working version.

  20. thanx sir for latest handler updates.
    Sir, have u any handler software for s60 3rd edition lilke Nimbuzz3.0 handler.sis, Fring handler.sis, Skype handler.sis which support voip call.
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  23. All available handler apps are posted here in this and page 2.

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  27. Currently very limited apk handler available and all added here. No other made yet.

  28. Currently very limited apk handler available and all added here. No other made yet.

  29. I hav downloaded the fine on my samsung galaxy sl i unziped frm .jar extention but i dnt knoe wat to do further pls help i downloaded fr uc browser pls explain in simple lang i m new to this

    1. These for Java phones, not for Android. You can install only .apk files.

  30. Mannu jee....plz upload files somewhere else...
    Dnt know why,i couldnt download these files from plunder.Wz trying for last 3 days...Same result both from pc n mobile...

    1. Hi, its very hard to upload all files to a new site, as you know that mostly sites are same in behavior but mostly of my files are now hosted on my own site: dl.readforgreed.com to provide superior download quality.

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