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Netmite J2ME App Runner to Run Java Applications or Games on Android Phone

Recently I've write about how to run Run Java Applications or Games on Android Phone Using JBed 1.20 Java Emulator, now here another way to do same using Netmite J2ME App Runner. Netmite J2ME App Runner is an Android app which allow you to run Java or .jar/.jad files in phone or via link online. It supports all Android OS from 2.0 and above.

You could also play with over 40,000 free Games and Application on online database by this tool. You'll able to run any Java/J2ME/MIDP app natively. Netmite J2ME App Runner has App Explorer which help you to find existing Java/J2ME games in your phone card.
Netmite J2ME App Runner is integrated with Browser. You can browse any j2me site and click to run any jad/jar online. Netmite J2ME App Runner will auto-convert j2me into Android package on the fly. You can immediately port your existing J2ME Application to Android without source code.

Netmite J2ME App Runner is an Android .apk application which makes it possible to run jar games and applications on your Android smartphone. Netmite J2ME App Runner tool for Android is an application which you can install your Android device and than using it you can run any Java applications. Now you never need to forget your love for your Java applications which you using from a long time before.

How to Install Netmite J2ME App Runner Tool for Android:
~Download the Netmite J2ME App Runner version from link below.
~Install Netmite J2ME App Runner version in your Android phone.

~Install To Phone:
adb shell chmod 777 /data/dalvik-cache
adb install C:\\Netmite J2ME App Runner version for Android.apk 
~It will show you all online app available in database.
~You can also choose .jar files in card to run with app runner.
~You can also use Go to URL to enter url of .jad or .jar files online to run.

This application may not compatible with all device. Try after restarting your phone and if problem still there, simply uninstall it. If you don't know what you doing, don't use it.

Download Free Netmite J2ME App Runner version Tool for Android:

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