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MicroEmulator 2.0.4 Run Your Java Application or Games in PC

Micro Emulator is a excellent free software which enable you to run your favorite Java Application or Games in your laptop or PC with Windows, Linux or Mac. Its very easy to use and full support of your mouse and like either as touchscreen phone or keypad one. You just control all application with your mouse easily.

MicroEmulator 2.0.4 Run Java
Micro Emulator 2.0.4 comes with many bug fixed and its more stable. You can use it as a normal keypad phone or like a touchscreen smartphone and also use your mouse to control it. Its open default with keypad but you can change it to resizable device and it work like touchscreen phone and you just press and hold mouse to quick menu like in touchscreen phones.

MicroEmulator Features: 
~Support for MIDP 2.0
~Generic Connection Framework
~Support for MMAPI (JSR 135)
~Support for FileConnection API (JSR 75)
~Support for Nokia APIs
~Support for Siemens APIs
~Skinnable and configurable interface
~Works with different graphics libraries; currently with Swing and SWT
~Platform independent: Windows, Linux, OSX

How to Use MicroEmulator: Download and extract files from rar archive anywhere in your system and just run file named: microemulator.jar. Now goto file menu and click on Open MIDlete file and browser for the .jar file (for example Opera Mini.jar or Bolt.jar etc) you wants to run.
You can enjoy your favorite java browser in pc like Opera Mini, Bolt Browser etc. You just need jar file to use with it. You also open online app in it by pasting url in 2nd option in file menu.
MicroEmulator 2.0.4 Run Java Apps in PC
You can test java apps in it and create animated GIF screen shoot in it by using Option menu and Start Capture to GIF.
To enjoy your app in a large screen resolution you also can change skin. Go to Options- Select Device. You can also select resizable device to make it any size you wants. Just drag it from any side with your mouse to enlarge it.

New MicroEmulator version 2.0.4 has a bug fix release, all users of older versions are encouraged to perform an update. Those features are supposed to be released in 3.0 version. More information about that will be published soon. Stay tuned.

Requirements : Java RunTime Environment JRE. Needed JRE?
Download Here JRE Version 6 Update 26+ / Latest Version:
Java RunTime Environment JRE 6  (All Platforms)

Direct link to Free Download MicroEmulator 2.0.4:   MicroEmulator 2.0.4.rar (1.6 MB)
Wants to Test MicroEmulator 3.0:MicroEmulator 3.0.rar (For test with bug and may crash, 1.7 MB)

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  1. hi when i minimize and maximize microemulator with operamini opened it crashes and i lost the page.

  2. Which version using?
    Try ver 2 if you using 3, coz ver 3 is a beta and have lots of bug.
    Also sometimes any modified version of apps like opera etc may crash
    the emulator.

  3. Which version using?Try ver 2 if you using 3, coz ver 3 is a beta and have lots of bug. Also sometimes any modified version of apps like opera etc may crashthe emulator.

  4. I used microemulator, it is working & very useful.
    Sir please send me sis emulator if you  have it.

  5. No sis emulate available like this java one.

  6. How to watch video using this emulator? it say's MIDlet request that the device handle the following URL:


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